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We are now doing LIVE AUCTIONS on location and in Angus (Just outside Barrie Ontario) at our new auction house.  We can assist you in MANY WAYS if you have a ESTATE to clear or you are DOWNSIZING.  Contact us for info.  Visit our auction sites at (Live Auction – Held Thursdays in Angus or Live on your property if its a full estate large enough to hold the auction) (Online Auction – Held bi-Weekly online)

We are Specialists in…

  • House Content Sales & Estate Sales
  • Downsizing / Moving / Liquidation by Auction or Estate Tag Sale
  • Selling (and organizing for sale) complete house contents from basement to attic
  • Marketing and pricing your household items for quick sale

Maximize your financial return while liquidating unwanted items or a complete estate quickly and efficiently! Offer pending on house full of items you do not want? Moving and only taking the essentials? We can help!  We will liquidate your estate contents for you and we can leave the house and property broom ready! (Meaning all sold items, garbage and unsold items will be removed and you have a house that is ready to sell or occupy).

Nothing should be thrown out from the estate or house contents until we see the home. We recommend that you remove personal items or other content that you wish to keep however if you PICK the best items and wish to just sell what is left then we are not necessarily the company to help you out.  Often family members start to clean the house or take items from the estate.  Those high ticket items could mean the difference between a GREAT buyers turnout to the sale or a MEDIOCRE turn out.  We need the good items to entice the buyers to come and shop for other stuff too!  Please people toss out things all the time that are highly valuable and keep items that are collectable that have no real value or interest to todays buyers.  Things like old fruit preserve jars in the cellar/basement, 1950’s furniture, LP Records, Record Players and vintage audio, old signs and tins, ugly 1960’s clocks, tin and plastic toys, lamps and even tools and old motors!  These things all have some value so before you start to toss out items at least give us a call first to help you out.

What Can Be Sold
Anything from the estate or house contents that is safe and legal. Estate and house content sales can consist of antiques, collectibles, cars, household furnishings, clothing, jewellery, tools, appliances, kitchen/garden items, and what some people may consider to be “junk”. We have staff who can assist with firearms as well if needed.